Sunday, May 20, 2007

Boston Marathon and Run of the Charles Canoe Relay

Drew came to Boston for the marathon weekend. First order of business...a little bouldering.
Number-pickup day
Some great pics that Drew took over the weekend.
Weather forecast for the race was 2 inches of rain, 35 degrees, and 20 mph winds into our face. Andrew helped me make a garbage bag suit to stay dry.
Trying on the tailored garbage-bag pants.
Unfortunately, the hat made me look like a clansman.
The rain cleared up, and I was able to ditch the garbage-bag suit. This is about mile 20.
The finish line!
My friends, Emilie and Jess came out to cheer.
This is the start of the Run of the Charles kayak and canoe relay race. Harvard Dental School put together a couple teams.
This is my friend Akshay and me finishing our leg of the race.
Paramount filming a scene for an upcoming movie on the steps of Harvard Medical School.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A happy healthy family addition!

8 or 9 days past her due date (depending on your "shot in the dark" source), not-so-little Lauren decided to finally join the family! Mother and child are healthy and doing very well, although once the euphoria wears off, fatigue plans on taking over. . . Thanks for all your prayers, phone-calls, notes, etc. It seems like we've been waiting forever for this little princess to arrive but it's obviously been well worth the wait!

Hours old and she's already deep in thought ;-)

"It's official, I already hate baths!"

Ever heard of gun control?

Nice stats little 'un 9 lbs 21 inches

Snuggling up to Mom after her first bath - life is good

Hmmm, what's in this big brother thing for me?

What does a 3hr-old dream about?

A bit blurry (blame the hack photographer) but this coulda been one for the ages ;-)