Monday, August 11, 2008

Mom visits Louisville, etc.

Mom came to Louisville for a visit last weekend. We went to a party with all the residents and faculty from the orthodontic department. The next day we spent time checking out Louisville. First stop: Churchill Downs (Kentucky Derby).

This is the Louisville Slugger bat factory.
This is Cave Hill National Cemetery, right after I sat in bird poop.
This was our favorite tombstone at the cemetery. I want one like this.
Mom wanted me to put some pictures up of my apartment now that it's all furnished so here they are.

Mom with her favorite piece of furniture.
This is my first Nance appliance and my first Hawley retainer. I don't know why I did hearts.
This is my first patient that I put braces on. She looks happy, huh?

Garage sale finds

Saturday I went to some garage sales looking for toys for the kids. The garage sales in Ashburn are amazing and quite the event. I hit the jackpot, and I won't tell you how little I ended up spending, because you wouldn't believe me. Above are some pics of the kids with their new loot.