Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy _ _ th Birthday Mom! Just a few reasons why I love you:
1. You remember every holiday and birthday, even for your grandkids
2. You serve your family without even thinking about it and without asking for help
3. You are a thoughtful friend
4. You like to take us shopping for new clothes, even if it means we can't tell Dad what you bought us :) Sorry had to throw that in there
5. You enjoy feeding us, our friends, and anybody who happens to pass by the house
6. You gave birth and took care of FIVE kids, which now I'm realizing, is a really big deal
7. You have a good sense of humor, especially when you have rubber cement
8. You made everybody a homemade gift for Christmas even though you had chronic back pain the entire month of December
9. You taught us the importance of FHE, reading scriptures, and having dinner together (which was ALWAYS ready at 6pm)
10. You went to every single one of my track meets, soccer games, xc meets, choir/piano concerts growing up
11. You're my Mom!

Airshow and getting ready for THUNDER!

This is Riaz. He's my co-resident's son, and darn cute.

They had this great airshow before the fireworks.
My friend Cara invited us over to her condo which has a great view of downtown Louisville to watch the show. This is an F-16
F-22 Raptor I think.
Why didn't I join the Air Force?!
Long exposure of the crowds gathering

Wide-angle shot of downtown Louisville
Stitched panoramic of the crowds gathered for the show. Click on the picture to get the full effect.

Thunder Over Louisville

Monday, April 6, 2009

Keeneland / Weekend in Lexington

I went to the horse track with a bunch of friends, and here are a few pics. This one is a classmate of mine. I took this picture through a pair of rose-colored sunglasses, and it kinda looks like they're from the 70's.
The crowds at the track were crazy.
They brought around the horses before the race so you could analyze the horses and pick your winner.
Jockeys are celebrities in Lexington.
We went for a drive in the country to see the horses in their "natural habitat." This one came running up to the fence to say hi. He had an engraved plate on his bridle that gave his name as Storm Treasure, descendant of Secretariat, Kentucky Derby contestant, and very valuable stud.

He started running around, obviously showing off. It was amazing how big and fast he was. Scroll through the pictures below to get a flip-book effect.

Then we visited Henry Clay's House.